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Unwanted and malicious content represents one of the greatest dangers of using email in a school setting. Email messages can convey racially insensitive material, offensive jokes and other types of inappropriate content. Schools risk massive liability as a result of inappropriate email. 

Attachments can be even more threatening. Pornographic image and video files, Trojan horses and other unwanted attachments can expose your school to legal liability. In fact, the Children's Internet Protection Act, or CIPA, requires schools and libraries participating in the E-rate program to undertake actions to filter content. 

Developed by MX Logic, the content filtering service protects your school by automatically identifying, quarantining and blocking unwanted and malicious content and attachments before they enter your network. This is accomplished through a centralized policy configuration and reporting platform that is managed by Email4Schools. 

Email4Schools includes a fully integrated package of services designed to provide a complete E-mail option. 
bullet Sophisticated content and attachment filtering—Content can be filtered by keywords or phrases, and attachments can be filtered by type and size
bullet Centralized policy control and enforcement—Content and attachment control policies provide you with the assurance that E-mails have been "scrubbed" and do not impose a liability risk. 
bullet Reduced liability and risk—Sophisticated filtering policies guard your school from potential lawsuits by blocking offensive content and attachments before they enter your network


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