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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my e-mail?
There are two ways to access your e-mail.

1) The easiest and most flexible way is to simply go to your web site and login from there. 
2) You can use an email client such as Outlook or Outlook Express. Microsoft provides Outlook Express for free as part of their Internet Explorer browser. Visit Microsoft's web site to download a free copy of Internet Explorer.
How do I access Email if my Internet provider blocks certain ports?  
Some Internet services use their own proprietary mail applications and may actually block mail applications like Outlook Express. If your Internet company  blocks these ports, you can access your Email4Schools E-Mail through your web site. Or you can set up an "alias" account to send mail through your Internet Provider's mail server.

Who administers the system?
Email4Schools services are typically sold to schools. Each school will appoint someone as the E-Mail Administrator who then has online access to an Internet based control panel where new e-mail addresses can be setup or changed. The Administrator can Add, Change or Delete addresses in a matter of seconds. With Email4Schools email services, you are in control.

How do I check my mail from a different computer?
You can check your mail from any computer as long as you are connected to the Internet. You can do this by going to your web site and logging in. Remember that your username is your e-mail address and also should be in lower case. Your password is also in lower case so be sure that the "Caps Lock" key is not depressed on your keyboard. To read your mail simply go to your Inbox. All messages will remain on the mail server, until you hit the delete button.

How do I forward my mail?
On the Login screen, you'll find a link to forward your E-mail messages. 

How do I change my password?
On the Login screen, you'll find a link to change your password.

Is my User Name or Password case sensitive?
Yes, and both the Username and Password should be in lower case. Be sure that your "Caps Lock" key is not on when entering your password. You will not be able to see the Password as you type. Capitalization is irrelevant to Internet E-Mail and web site names. To a computer, Mary@nhsGrizzlies.com is the same as mArY@NhSgRiZzLiEs.com. The only difference is that one is easier for humans to read than the other.

If I forgot my password, how can I sign on?
Contact your E-mail Administrator to reset usernames and passwords. Only the E-mail Administrator can do this. 

What can I do about spam?
We do not allow any of our customers to use our mail servers to send spam (junk e-mail) and we have activated filters so you will only receive a small percentage of Spam. Any user who uses our servers to send spam will be deleted as a user and may be charged a fee, which could be significant. See our User Agreement for details.

How do I setup my mail using my mail software?
We have provided a series of online tutorials that will walk you step-by-step on how to setup your E-mail client to use your service.  

Will Email4Schools sell my confidential information?
No. We will respect your privacy. We will not sell your name to marketing firms nor disclose any customer data.

Where can I find a copy of the User Agreement?
Click here.

How can I contact Email4Schools with questions or problems?
Write us:
Email4Schools.com, Inc.
7600 E Arapahoe Rd., Suite 301
Centennial, CO 80112


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