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Simplicity over Complexity
E-mail4Schools is a customized e-mail service designed for schools. Most school districts provide e-mail services with complicated addresses like YourName@district.k-12.us.state.edu. People often find e-mail addresses like these hard to remember and difficult to type. Our addresses are easy to remember, with addresses like You@ahsWarriors.com or You@lhsLions.com

You are in Control
District-wide e-mail systems add an additional service requirement for overworked IT staff.  Email4Schools provides decentralized e-mail services that each school controls. Using our Internet-based control panel, a site Administrator can Add, Change or Delete an e-mail address in seconds. 

Spam Control
Behind the scenes, we protect your users and your network from spam, malicious and inappropriate content and other threats. Our spam filtering software blocks up to 98.5% of spam and enables you to decide how spam should be processed. You can quarantine the message, deny delivery or do nothing.

Content Filtering
-mail messages can convey racially insensitive material, pornography, offensive jokes and other types of inappropriate content. Our E-mail defense service protects your school by automatically identifying, quarantining and blocking unwanted and malicious content and attachments before they enter your network. Complies with the requirements of the Children's Internet Protection Act, or CIPA

Virus Protection
Viruses and worms are proliferating at an unprecedented rate. At the height of their outbreaks, one in seven emails contained the SoBig.F virus, one in 30 emails contained the SirCam virus and one in 24 emails contained the Love Bug virus. Each message is filtered for viruses and worms before it ever hits your network. Our virus protection is based on Sophos and is proactively updated every 5 minutes - minimizing outbreak and infection risks and securing your computers from outside threats.

The Process
Start the process by clicking on the Order button on the left. We'll take down some basic facts. We'll then secure your school's domain name and setup the e-mail system just for you. You'll need to identify your E-mail Administrator, who will be our chief contact. We'll work with this person to setup the complete system. We'll teach the Administrator how to access the control panel and administer your e-mail server. It's very simple.  

We sell e-mail services in blocks. The first block of 50 e-mails addresses are provided for $150 per month. Each additional block of 10 e-mail boxes are $30 per month. 
Includes .com, .net or .org domain name registration for 1 year! 

It usually takes about a week from the time you give us the go-ahead to the time that your e-mail system is up and working. We do not charge a setup fee.

To see a demonstration of our web-based service, click the Web Site button on the left


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