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Viruses and worms are proliferating at an unprecedented rate. At the height of their outbreaks, one in seven emails contained the SoBig.F virus, one in 30 emails contained the SirCam virus and one in 24 emails contained the Love Bug virus.

Hackers continue to stay ahead of the technology curve and aggressively target the Internet infrastructure. The latest sophisticated, blended threats don't need end users to spread the infected files. Instead, they automatically leverage a combination of email, network shares, chat programs and peer-to-peer file-sharing networks to move quickly through the Internet.

In a world increasingly dependent on Internet communication, viruses represent one of the most significant information security threats to computer networks.

To combat these many threats, we offer a protection service based on MX Logic's virus protection program using Sophos virus agents. The service identifies, quarantines, blocks and strips viruses and worms at your network perimeteróbefore they enter or leave your messaging infrastructure. 

As new viruses are deployed and released, protection depends on downloading new virus signatures that identify infected traffic. These virus definitions or signatures are proactively updated every 5 minutes, thus minimizing the risk of infection and securing your network. 

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