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Developed by MX Logic for high-volume messaging environments, our SPAM blocker provides the most comprehensive and effective spam-blocking available - blocking up to 98.5 percent of spam and providing an industry-leading low false positive rate (legitimate email marked as spam).

Unlike most spam filtering solutions, which use one or two spam-classification techniques, our SPAM blocker aggregates the most effective spam filters and techniques in the industry, currently leveraging the strengths of five spam-fighting filters:

bulletBayesian—Statistical algorithms built by MX Logic identify and quantify the possibility that an email message is spam.
bulletHeuristics—Thousands of proprietary rules of thumb recognize characteristics of spam.
bulletDistributed Checksum Clearinghouses—Takes a checksum, or fingerprint, of all email messages it sees, and places those fingerprints in a database. If the database recognizes a large number of exact matches or at least very similar fingerprints, then those fingerprints are likely to indicate spam.
bulletDistributed Black Lists: Mail Abuse Prevention Services (MAPS)—A real-time subscription service that maintains multiple lists of known spammers to help gauge the likelihood of a message being spam.
bulletDomain Level Black and White Lists—Maintained by Email4Schools, these customized lists detail sites, individuals or IP addresses from which mail is and is not allowed.

Each of the five filters dynamically calculates the spam probability of every message. Through an aggregation and analysis of these spam-likelihood scores, the system provides an extremely effective method for blocking spam and enables you to decide how SPAM should be processed. You can quarantine the message, deny delivery or do nothing. 



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