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Outlook Express
Email Setup

Detailed instructions for setting up your Outlook Express email client:

These instructions are based on Outlook Express 6.0, but should work for prior versions.
bulletStartup Outlook Express, then click Tools, then Accounts, then Add, then Mail
bulletEnter your name as you would like it to appear, and then click Next (eg: John Doe)

bulletEnter your full email address, and click Next (eg: jdoe@mydomain.com) Your email address displayed here can be any combination of UPPER CASE or lower case letters.

bulletEnter your POP3 mail server name (eg: mail.yourdomain.com) for both incoming & outgoing mail server, and click Next.

bulletEnter your account name (same as your full email address) and password, and click Next (eg: jdoe@yourdomain.com) Please note that your Account Name and Password should be in lower case.

bulletClick Next, then Finish.  The Internet Accounts window redisplays.
bulletClick on the Mail tab, and then highlight the Account you just created. 
bulletClick on Properties, then Servers
bulletClick on the box labeled 'My server requires authentication'

bulletClick Apply, then OK, then Close









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